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April 7, 2009
By Jared Huss BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Jared Huss BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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If you ask me any type of math problem, odds are I won’t know the answer and that has always been the way for me. But that all changed in my junior year in my Applied Algebra class taught by Mr. Urban.

Mr. Urban knows what he is talking about when he teaches math, mainly because he also teaches the one of the highest levels of math at my high school, AP Calculus. It is also because he has been teaching math for over 25 years. He uses his time at the end of the day to go down to the local middle school. There he teaches eighth grade students who excel at math.

I am the type of student who never bothers to ask for help when I need it, which has proven costly. But I am so comfortable around Mr. Urban that I can go down to his room anytime he is available and he will help me where I am struggling. Usually, there are at least two or three other students from his AP Calculus class getting help from him too. When there is, he still wants me to come in and he still helps me even if he is helping others. Even early in my junior year when I couldn’t get out of study hall, he would walk down to the room I was in and help me.

I actually enjoyed going to math everyday which is extremely rare for me because usually it is just the same boring thing taught every day but when you have Mr. Urban, you are bound to have fun. He even would poke some fun at his students during class and there are times the students would poke fun at him right back and he wouldn’t get mad. That made the class so much fun.

Mr. Urban isn’t just a math teacher. Instead, he is a fun, helpful math teacher and if there is any teacher out there that deserves to win Educator of the Year, it is clearly Mr. Urban.

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