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May 8, 2017
By chrism99 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
chrism99 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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My second semester of my junior year, I went through my new classes and met all my new teachers. One class specifically caught my attention because the teacher made the intro day interesting. The class was Personal Law.

After a week of being in that class, I quickly got comfortable answering questions and participating. This was in part to the high energy and overjoyed personality of the teacher - Mrs. Klun. She is a young, blonde, and the height of a normal woman. She is a teacher, mother, and a wife. And she is like superwoman.

Everyday I was the first person into class and she would always say with enthusiasm, “Good morning, Chris. How are you today?!?”
Something about the way she said it, made me know she cared about my day. This helped me succeed in her class because, if she cared about me, then I had more interest in participating and investing in the class.

The course seemed difficult at first, but she made it easy for me to learn the material and do well. Mrs. Klun kept me on track when I got distracted. For once, I felt like I could ask questions. When I had questions about projects or homework, she was there to answer and clear things up.

Mrs. Klun is a caring, understanding, kind-hearted, and compassionate teacher and that is why I am nominating her for this honor.

I will always remember how Mrs. Klun could create a conversation about anything with students and never got angry if a student wasn’t quite on topic. I looked forward to her class and I wish I could’ve taken more classes with her. She taught me valuable lessons. And now, if I deal with legal matters in court, I will be informed and know the legality of what is going on. 

Thanks, Mrs. Klun, for being a great teacher and a good friend. My mornings were a lot better when I walked into your classroom.

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