A New Meaning For Math

March 21, 2012
By Anonymous

The teacher I nominate as educator of the year would be Tonya Andrews, a math teacher at Cleburne High School. This is my second year having her as a teacher and after this year, I’m afraid math won’t be nearly as fun. First of all, her methods of teaching will probably help me remember what she taught me years down the road. No matter what we’re learning, it seems that she has some kind of song or rhyme to help us remember. For instance, I now know off the top of my head, vertical angles are congruent, how to multiply and divide fractions, and most surprisingly, the quadratic formula. And rhyming isn’t the only way she teaches. Sometimes she just teaches how to work the problem, but whenever she does that she tends to go off on any random subject, which normally turns out to be a bad thing, but she always finishes her teaching before it’s time to go, which is pretty impressive when you consider how much she talks in one period, which is only 47 minutes.

Another thing that qualifies her as educator of the year is the fact that she treats all her students the same way, and won’t hesitate to help anybody who needs it. Her door is open every day she’s there, unless she has to be somewhere, in which case she lets her students know the day before. I rarely go in for tutoring, mostly because I hate asking people for help, but when I do I always leave confident that I know exactly what we’re doing. There has only been one time when I’ve asked for help and didn’t get it, and that was because she had to go to the doctor’s office. She insisted that I show up for tutoring the next morning saying, “I don’t want to move on knowing that you don’t understand”. She makes her students feel welcome in her class, and honestly, that may be my only class that I learn a lot of new material instead of just recycling the same material for years, however that could just be because I like math in general. My teacher Mrs. Andrews deserves the educator of the year award because of the time, passion and effort she puts in to being a great teacher.

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