A Woman with the Devotion to Shine

February 18, 2011
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All freshman year, I heard admirable words floating in the halls from the student bodies hearts of the amazing Aleta Edwards. At this time, I was unaware that she would become much more than just a teacher or even a good friend to me. I had no idea this remarkable woman would became my hero.
My sophomore year, I practically lived in her classroom, taking naps on her couch, making tea and popcorn in her microwave, or hiding out from other teachers. Aleta, as a person who accepted all complexions, allowed me to talk for hours, sharing the most complex to the finest parts of my life. Even though I only had one class with her, we grew like willow trees, bending and swaying engrossed in each other’s words.

Aleta has a heart of a giant with room to spare. Now retired a retired English teacher, she teaches a class called self power living, and she is the leader of forensics. There is no way to truly describe her irreplaceable personality. She is a lady filled with words of wisdom, experience, and hopes to inspire even the least motivational person.
She is just under five feet–four inches, with crazy curls that shed charisma. She made it her duty to know all of her students on a deep and personal level, starting each day with an interesting thought, involving everyone in the classroom to share themselves with each other.
Aleta is a wonderful educator a compassionate friend to many, and she has never asked for anything more than a smile from her students’ faces. Before I knew the humble Aleta Edwards, I felt like a pool ball scattered about the table after the queue ball strikes me. After getting to know her, I’ve finally found my pocket in life.

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