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Band IM5

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Interview Of IM5
For someone who’s never heard your music before, how would you describe it to him/her?
Cole-Pop that takes influences from other genres. Will-Also going for a more urban sound.
Do you guys write your own lyrics?
There are so many bands around here, what sets you apart? How would you sell yourself?
Dana-We are multi racial, we can dance, we play instruments and we are ages 15-18.
Why are you called “IM5”?
Will-We represent 5 individuals that come together as one strong unit.
Gabe-We celebrate our differences but always come together as one brotherhood.
How would you sum up the past year? How was it for you guys?
Dalton-It’s been a roller coaster, but we are excited about the future. Traveling and meeting new fans were definitely the best parts.
Do you have any pre-show ritual?
Cole-We do a quick vocal warm up and pray.
You guys are still so young. How much freedom do you have?
Dana-Not a lot.
Tell us about celebrity crushes.
Cole- Barbara Palvin,
Dalton- Selena Gomez,
Will- Rebel Wilson,
Due to your hectic schedule, do you get to see much of your family and friends?
Cole-It’s hard to balance friends and family, but we have the time it’s worth the wait.
Who is the(These were unanimous)
Funniest- Will
Naughtiest- Dana and Dalton
Loudest – (always singing)- Will
Slowest – (takes a lot of time to get dressed)- Dana
Pickiest – (in food, dresses etc)- Gabe
Craziest – (fooling around in public)- Dana
Coolest- IM5
Flirtiest – (popular with girls) - Cole
Cheesiest – (cheekiest)- Will
Laziest- Gabe
Cutest – (can get his way through his puppy dog eyes)- Dalton
Have any one of you considered solo artist career?
Dalton, Gabe and Will-Yes, but we are now focused on IM5. Some of us came from solo careers.
Cole and Dana- No, Dana’s been dancing his whole life and Cole was more into acting.
What kind of music did you grew up listening to?
Gabe- Pop,
Cole-80’s rock and pop,
Will- The Beatles,
Dalton- Rolling Stones,
Dana- Hip hop and R&B
What genre of music you can’t stand to listen to?
Gabe- heavy metal,
Cole- Blue grass,
Dalton- R&B,
Dana- Rock
What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?
Will- Tick Tock,
Cole- Hoedown throwdown,
Dalton- Party Time by IM5,
Dana- 22,
Gabe- Boomerang by IM5
Do you guys argue much or get on very well?
Have you collaborated with anyone?
Dalton-Bella Thorne, Todrick Hall
Who would like o collaborate with?
Dana, Gabe-Chris Brown,
Will, Dalton- Bruno Mars
Cole-Justin Timberlake
Quick-fire questions: describe these people in a word or a sentence.
Cody Simpson- Beachy
Alli Simpson- Australian
Caroline Sunshine- Bright, funny, sweetheart
Bella Thorne- Hard worker
Marius Moga- ecclectic
Backstreet Boys- inspiration
What do you call your fans?
Gabe- 5ers
Surprises coming up for fans?
Dalton-New music and new videos
Biggest piece of advice given to you?
Will-Don’t have a back up plan because then you back up.
Dana and Gabe disputed this, we really believe you need a plan (90%/10%). But all believe if you have a dream, you should go for it!
A message for the readers.
Will-Congratulations, you can read!

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