Goals Are Dreams

January 25, 2018
By Rosebear20 SILVER, Cannonfalls, Minnesota
Rosebear20 SILVER, Cannonfalls, Minnesota
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=“A goal is a dream just with a deadline…” said by Napoleon Hill, it really spoke to me. He  was an amazing writer, teacher, and a lecturer.  I grew and still am growing up with the mentality that I work for what I need and that’s what I’m going to keep doing. I have always made goals in my life and not all of them I made and that's why I am the way I am, now when I don’t make my goal I extend the goal but also make the goal more challenging. My life goal is to make a house that I can live in with a family and that we won’t grow out of. I’ve just always wanted to make one. The first and most important part is family, the second will be expectations, and the third will be pets. These are the most important parts, I not only need to think about when making one but what the family and pets think about and how they feel. I’d need the family to name their expectations along with mine.

Family is my number one priority, so they are what I take care of first. If my family ever needed something then I would want to be able to get it for them get it for them. There's always necessities but needs are always first, so when you have a family their opinions matter too, which will have effects on the pros and cons. The most important pros are the family will explain what will make them comfortable and suggestions for space. The home needs to meet the whole family’s expectations which is hard to find in a home that’s already been built because there’s usually something left out and making a home would reduce that. My family always puts me first so that’s what I’m am going to do when I make one of my own and that’s why it’s the most important.

Expectations are another major part in building a home. There’s big decisions like where to build it, what kind of weather is there, landscape, budgets, rooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, and whole lot more. For how many expectations there are in a home there’s always a downfall, money, build a new house that has everything a family wants is really spendy. I plan on saving money for that and getting a job that will support it. I would also need to make sure that there’s a couple guys to help because it’d be pretty rough with only one guy. Structure is probably the most important piece in building a home, it needs to have a good structure and a good frame method which will also be really spendy especially the crew. Space is a key thing in building a home because you might end up building a small home on a big landmass and spend more money on the land than the home or vice versa. The reason this is the second most important is because without high expectations, you can’t expect to get something you want.

Space brings up another point, in the future I plan on having pets and if I have pets then they need space to. Not only do I need an appropriate amount of indoor space but I need an outdoor space too. That's another part of the home of why there needs to be space indoors, I would like my pets to be able to be in the home and run inside when it's too cold outside to. With all this pets are also really expensive, I mean like food, their dishes, a fenced in backyard so they don’t get away, training so they don’t pee inside, house renovations after the pet doesn't get trained enough. It all depends on how many I choose to have though. Space is needed for everything and everyone. This is my last important thing because I wouldn’t get a pet unless one I knew I would be able to take care of it and two because if I wouldn’t have enough money for a pet then I wouldn’t get one.

Starting with family as the most important, to expectations being the second, and third being the pets when we choose to have them. My future goal is to build a home from scratch that meets the needs we want. This idea has just came from growing up having to work for what I want and finishing what I start and that’s what I’m going to do. That's why the quote “a goal is a dream just with a deadline” spoke to me. Examples of why this has followed through my life started when I was five making blanket forts that my cousins, brother and I could play in, then to when I was 9 trying to help make a treehouse with my dad, to being fourteen wanting to build a home from scratch. Growing up with these mentalities to finish what you start and work for what you want, will not only help me accomplish this goal but will also help me accomplish more things in my life.

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