If People from the Past Time Travelled to Today

November 27, 2017
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DAMN if space travel were here today they would me shook to see this "moderized" world in which people have almost invented every kind "relaxing or helping technology" who are possibly meant to "save our time" (which we all know works opposite) however they would suprise to see all of tremedous things but i don't think so that even with these facilites they will agree to live here now the question is "WHY?" well  maybe that's because they would more likely to live in a world which may don't have these facilities but is filled with love that doesn't mean that there is no love these days what i am trying to say is there is no way of expressing where as way back then people atleast talk to one another and be together forever for real Today's generation may know how to stay cool but they may forget to interect with  each other with love and also to live life.....we spend our lives by posting pics on instagram but we really do forget to LIVE LIFE so let's move way back put our devices down and for once see world with heart to with cameras.


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