I Apologize

July 19, 2016
By Anonymous

I’m sorry. I apologize. I apologize. Please, please forgive us. I, me, myself, am apologizing on behalf of us all. I’m sorry. Teen Ink has opened my eyes to what people really think. And I’m sorry. I live in a small world, where everything seems fine. And everything I hear that isn’t fine is distant, vague, not felt by me. And I’m sorry. Christians get it wrong to, you know. I’m a Christian, alright, and I’m sorry. On behalf of the Church, the Church of the LORD Jesus Christ, I’m sorry. We get it wrong so much. You’re right. You’re right, alright? You. You the atheist, you the confused teenager, you the criticized lesbian. You have it right. And no, this is not to say that I approve of what you may or may not do. You have it right in the fact that we are not doing what the Bible commands. We’re not following our own religion, and yet we judge others. And I’m sorry. And I wish that the Church would resolve these issues. But, you’re also wrong: not every Christian does this, and some, maybe most, who proclaim themselves Christians and yet still act like this may not really be saved. But, you know, the Church is a hospital; sick people go to the hospital. I’m really not quite sure what to say. This short article probably doesn’t really mean anything to you.


I don’t claim any real know-how about you’re life. I was just reading some comments below the article “A Teenager’s View on Religion” on Teen Ink. And I saw what people really did see, what people really did think. I’m confined to my small little world, and it’s pretty safe, comparatively. But when I see these comments, I can see that it’s bad. I just pray that if you are one of those people, mind blown by the Christians you see and/or interact with, mind blown by just how judgmental and hateful they are, that you would meet a Christian that really follows God’s commands. I really don’t know what to say, as I said before. Besides saying that and I’m sorry. So, sorry. Sorry.

The author's comments:

For the glory of my most holy Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And to apologize on behalf of the Church and fellow Christians.

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