Adult Driver's Convention

January 4, 2009
By Jennifer Lewis, York, PA

Okay, okay everyone, let’s get in our seats.

Now, today we will be going over hypocrisy towards our teenage drivers.

Who wants to tell us what that means?


Okay, well first let’s go over some things we tell our kids not to do while they drive.

How about playing with the radio, eating, talking on the phone…

Now, how many of us do these things while driving?

Really? None of you?

All right people, come on, a couple of you must. Let’s see those hands…

That’s more like it.

Whoa, big guy, settle down. I know your daughter’s only 16 and it’s statistically more likely that she will get in a crash, but think back to when you have talked on the phone while she was in the car.

More than once? Yeah, I thought so.

Do you think she’ll really listen to you when you do the same thing yourself?

It’s okay, really. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to overcoming it.


Yes, you’re right, they have only been driving less than a year. However, that could just mean that the material is fresh in their minds. They probably remember all the rules better because they just took the test six months ago.

Okay, I have a different idea.

Let’s all imagine that we’re teenagers again, and we are just learning to drive. Our parents are lecturing us about what not to do while we drive. We know they have valid points, but sometimes it just becomes a little too much. They are doing the exact same thing that we are not supposed to do!

Okay guys, it doesn’t work if you laugh.

Yes, I get that the parents have been driving for years.

But does that really give them the right to be hypocrites?

Right, they are more experienced, but if something is dangerous for them isn’t it just as dangerous for you?

Who said you were invincible?

Because you’re the parent and you said so?

Nice argument.

Fine guys, I’m done trying to help you. If you want to be hypocrites, it’s fine with me. Do whatever you want.

Let your teenagers resent you.

Who cares what they think anyway?

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