If I Were Another Soul

December 1, 2008
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Jealousy and grief can be very powerful.

Most of the time, because of these, we are driven to a point where we wish we could be someone -- or something -- else, some other being or creature which we think has a much better life than ours.

I can truthfully attest to that.

Some people could actually live their entire lives thinking that way, wishing they could have existed differently, wasting themselves being engrossed in envy that they completely ignore all the good things in their lives - but I consider my situation a little different from that -- under normal circumstances, I would not have exchanged my own being for anything.

But of course, as I have said, jealousy is a very powerful emotion. And sadly, it is the very thing that overcomes the suppression of any and every emotion I might have. It is, as I would consider, the primary root of all my wrongdoing, the initial stage of my grief. It fuels all my negative emotions, and it fuels my discontent.

I would wish I was Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the social networking site, Facebook and the richest self-sustaining kid on the planet. I wish I was Jimmy Corrigan, who, in his fictional world, is the smartest kid on the planet. I wish I was J.K. Rowling, who I greatly revere, not only for bringing the greatest books probably for the rest of my existence, but also for living the profession and success I wish I had. I wish I were many people -- all whom were richer, smarter, and I think happier than I’ll ever be.

But sometimes, I would wish I were anyone but myself, simply because I wasn’t happy.
And reflecting on those circumstances, I shiver at the thought of it. I can say I wish I had the lives of those people I’ve mentioned, but what I am surer of is that I wish I would never live the life most people live. I consider my own life a happy existence, and myself happier than most people by a mile.
Like I’ve said, under normal circumstances, I would always choose being myself over being another soul.
And the reason behind it is simple -- I’m currently happy, satisfied, and problem-free.
Just wait until I’ve had my share of frustration and see what I’d say otherwise.

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