black whole

December 8, 2008
By caroline w., Newark, DE

its like im lost in black air with on where to breath... with this hevy packege on my back to heave they tell me to forget him but i really cant the no air is air and i will get him back your heart is mine forever my love the static between us is more than enough this whole sucking us in is this mystery to me but with people and memorys we wished we could be this whole so black a black whole i would say theses feeling this heart breakings drwing me in this burning peice of water on my white cheek throws a blurryness into i seek its dibbles down my cheek and on to my chin his heart i will never forget soon i will win my face nolonger white but foever its red with embaressment and furry you''ll never forget this black whole thats got you confuzzed for you see its part of me that soft little fringe those burning liquids coming down form the eyes are tears of pure sadness and soft little crys im alone in this darkness better than with you for you see im just sitting whiles its sucked you in your cries for helped are ignored your place in this world is gone this blackwhole is my heart part of me that your no longer in youve crushed me hurt em made me mad..but here i stand holding oyur hand....

The author's comments:
you should no im a poet in all of my dreams every thing is real and as it seems im completely original and soft as a sweet i write thats all i do to keep me off my feet-Tori

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