My Bike Getting Ran Over

November 17, 2008
By Adam Hooten, Batesville, IN

One of my favorite memories is getting my bike tire ran over by a random car. It all happened when Tom and I were parting one night and we were pretty bored. He was talking to Hannah on the phone while we were debating on what to do. He looked at me and asked me if I wanted to go to Hannah’s and sit around for a couple of hours. Of course, I said sure why not. There’s nothing to do anyways.

It was around 11:30 at night and we were on bikes so it was pretty scared because bikes don’t move to fast to get away from anything and you couldn’t see that far in front off you. It was also a pretty long bike ride like 20 to 30 minutes just to get there or at least we thought it was. We weren’t riding the best bikes in the world either we didn’t even know if we would make it.

When we arrived, we “ghost rided” our bikes into the front yard. We were tired and out of breath. We went and sat on the front porch for a while and talked about some stuff. Eventually, we saw a car coming down the road and we thought it might be a cop because her neighbors aren’t the nicest people on the street. So as we were watching it go by we heard something get ran over or at least it sounded like metal against metal. So we all went over there to see what it was, and we noticed that my Back tire was moving on my bike. When I was checking it out I seen that my back rim was bent pretty bad.

So after this all happened we went back onto the front porch to talk so more and to talk about what just happened and we were trying to figure out why the car went in the front yard and ran it over. As we were getting ready to leave I told Tommy that this is not going to be fun ridding home because it was already hard enough to pedal. I couldn’t imagine how hard it will be now with a bent rim. It took a pretty long time to get back home because it was so hard to pedal that Tom and me had to change off riding it so we wouldn’t be so tired. When we got home, we tried fixing it, but we gave up after awhile because it was to hard to fix and they were junk bikes anyways so we didn’t care if it got fixed or not.

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