Way I Began To Write

November 9, 2008
By erin rodriguez, Dallas, TX

In Language Arts one day we had to write a poem about our feelings. I was nervous,because Ms. Kersey said it was for a test grade. We spent the whole class period working on our poems. I was happy we had a lot of time knowing I take my time when we do things. The next day Ms. Kersey called me after class,I was scared I was thinking what did I do wrong. She told me she wanted to talk to me about my poem. At first I thought I wrote a bad poem little did I know Ms. Kersey said she really liked it,and it was one of the best poems she had read. A good feeling came threw out my body I was shocked,happy,but most importantly proud of myself. Ms. Kersey told me to stay after school she wanted to talk to me again,I was thinking what she wanted to talk about it had me curious. When school ended I went to see Ms. Kersey she told me she wanted to help me on my writing skills so I could become a better at it. It seemed really interesting so I was willing to take the chance. She gave me ideas,encouragement,and belief that i could do it,I was really getting into it,yet I stressed a little,but it was worth it. I was tested on the how good I wa and she told me to put the best effort into it so I did. It was weird I had no teachers give me this much attention and belive in me. Finally the poem she wanted me to do was good she told me to put it into a contest. I had a bad feeling about it so i told Ms. Kersey no,but thank you for all her help she given me. I think sometimes if I should have done it or not. Till this day I thank her and I love writing poetry. Its a hidden talent that I don't like to show no one,but wish I could one day.

The author's comments:
Writing is not something I have to do its something I love to do in my spare time. If I'm having a bad day or good sometimes I just wanna write about it and put it into something beautiful. Remember: The feeling of life isn't living for the dreams its living for the moments that will always be there with the memories of reality!

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