Learing How To Do The Monkey Bars

September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

My palms were sweaty as I climbed up the ladder to get to the monkey bars .As I put one hand on the first bar my friends were staring at me. Before I could get my other hand on the bar I fell off in to the chips, at the play ground at my church school.
As I lay on the ground I thought to my self that I was going to teach myself how to do the monkey bars. So I got back up and climbed on the bars again. I hung there holding on with my little hands and my feet were kicking around before I dropped. I did that for the rest of the week. The next week I got to the second then the third bar but then I fell off again. So for the rest of the week I got to the third bar and hung there while my feet dangled. On Friday, I got to the fourth bar then I dropped.
Over the next three weeks I got stronger and stronger, but I still could only do six bars before my hands slipped and fell. So I keep trying and trying. I held there for a while before I fell. After I fell I would climb up the ladder and try again.
When I got home I would practiced too some days. I would get two bars some times but other times I would get five or six. I would try to get eight but before I got there I would drop. I started to get calices and they heart when I tried to do the monkey bars too.
When I got back to school I would climb up the ladder to get to the monkey bars I was confident that this would be the time I got it. So I put my right hand on the bar then the left. I could here my friends cheering, “You have it, keep going Katie”. As I was going from one bar to the next, my right hand then left hand one after another. I was getting the rhythm right then left. I could see the last bar. While I reached it with both hands I was so excited. I dropped and all my friends were so happy for me.
I am so glad I taught my self the monkey bars even though it took six to seven weeks. I can still do them to this day. When I go to my monkey bars at my house I can do all of them then I would turn around and go back to ladder. I never gave up and I tried and tried again and got it.

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