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Dear My Future Grandchildren,

I am writing this letter to inform you of the truth of my generation. Being a teenager in today’s society is no easy task. Especially with the horrible stereotypes so many place upon us. We are related to shootings, murders, gangs, thefts, drugs, suicides, and other forms of self-harm such as cutting, and starving ourselves. All this is suspected of us by society. And I must say, they have good reason. Not too long ago America’s heart cried out in pain at news of a troubled young man who attacked an elementary school, killing many, many helpless, innocent children and their teachers. But what society doesn’t realize is that not all teens are like this. In fifty years when I am old and you read this, what you know of the early 2000’s will probably only be the stereotypical events you read of in textbooks. You will read of the war that just ended in the Middle East (that I, though I may be an American citizen, know little about myself), of America’s first African-American president, Barrack Obama, and quite possibly of my generation and all the sadness we have inflicted on society. But just like we are taught that all Germans in WWII were evil, you will be taught that all teens were self-centered, attention-seeking, depressed animals. I am here to tell you that it is not hard to find a kind, loving heart in a teenager today. When my fellow teens and I heard of the shooting that had killed so many children we did not cheer on the poor young murderer, we cried. When we see other young people with scars on their wrists, or ribs showing through a starved body, we do not congratulate them on a life well lived, but mourn and try to lead them away from such a life wasted. We are not all mad here. But, I suppose you won’t understand that pun… it’s from Johnny Depp’s movie “Alive in Wonderland” (In which he did a spectacular job at portraying the Mad Hatter). See, we really aren’t much different than the teens you live amongst today. We have our love for the latest movies (do you still have movies? They would be a shame to lose… one of my favorite past-times, they are) and enjoy following many of the newest fashion trends (however, some are absolutely preposterous). For me, being a teen is enjoyable in some aspects but dreadful in others. It is rare to find teens like me who view romance as unimportant and education as essential rather than the other way around. Today, romances are beginning in as early as elementary school and I must say I find it all quite ridiculous. Romance of any type in my opinion is nothing but a distraction from what is truly important. This just goes to show how starved my generation is for love. And how, because of this, they seek after love in all the wrong places. We are tired of being frowned upon and scorned and I write this letter to tell you, for I have found not another soul who will listen in my own time. We are not the animals society thinks us to be, and I will not let us go down in history as the generation that tore America apart. For, though there are a few weeds amongst us, we teens are a vast valley of seed, just waiting to be nurtured and grow into something beautiful.
But it’s never the beautiful things that go down in history now is it?
~With all my blessings and hopes for a future you make great,
A Teen of 2013

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