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Welcome to Paradise

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Cody Simpson, a 15-year-old Aussie singer-songwriter, after a successful release of his first full length album “Paradise” after two EPs “4U” and “Coast to Coast”, goes on to a promotional tour to entertain his devoted fans.
The live shows started in January, from sunny beaches of Australia, to the glamorous streets of America, from Europe to Canada. Making his fans crazy with joy and excitement, using the word “successful” is like putting it mildly because it is not just going successful it is “MEGA-successful”!! A huge success for a 15-year-old indeed.
Cody entertained his crowd with his latest hits “Hello”, “Paradise”, “Wish You Were Here” and his previous rulers of the Billboard “Angel” and “On My Mind”. Fans bought signed copies of the album “Paradise” during the shows.
When Simpson was not concerting – or say touring – he kept his fans updated with new dates and upcoming concerts, interviews, TV show appearances etc by Twitter. He even carried out the BELIEVE tour with the famous Justin Bieber for a week. Performed with Carly Rae Jepson on the release of her latest album “Kiss”, celebrated the opening of her 14-year-old sister Alli’s movie “The 12 dogs of Christams”. In short, 2012 went tremendous for Cody Simpson.
Simpson’s album “Paradise” contains 10 awesome songs; R&B, Dance-pop etc. and the most amazing thing is he has written all the songs HIMSELF. When he was asked about his favorite song from “Paradise”, he said “This song called Gentleman, that I wrote on my guitar. It is very John Mayer/Jack Johnson and very romantic. I’m big on being a gentleman and being respectful towards girls, and I wanted to work on something the displayed that.”
During his performances, he always pulls a girl out of the audience, on being asked how they pick that girl, he said, “Well, usually, I do make contribution to that decision. My management normally looks out and find the girl. We like to choose a variety of girls so there is no dominating factor that’s going to get you chosen. But we are looking for a fan, who looks like they are really excited to be there and will be really excited to get to come up on stage”.
Amazing, huh?

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FaryalY said...
Feb. 18, 2013 at 12:31 am
Great 1!! =)
Alli S said...
Feb. 17, 2013 at 8:53 am
Great article! I love Cody Simpson
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