Running in Circles

August 13, 2008
My life runs in enternal circles racing around me like I am trapped inside a hurricane. Thats exactly as it feels to me being sucked back into the unwanted part of my memories. I live in a pretty big town so considering how I always doing this it seems wried. For example I met this boy in 7th grade in art class and we became friends, his friends are my friends most of mine his. I would thank that art teacher for driving me mental and making that boy like me more. The more He and I went through the more we were connceted . Consider it a suprise when I find out his house is right down the street from my crazy bio dad. Or how about the his mom knowing my aunt. I was born into an never ending story. my mom married both her husbands from the same town. All I want to do is break free. I'm chained into the past and located in the presant. I have no future that I want at the moment. So how does one get out of a tornado or a whirlpool? How does one not have a small piece of knowalge from every person they talk too? I hold some memory of every one I meet. How does one break the mold?? Stop the reacurring nightmares and save herself from fate.

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AllyCat129 said...
Aug. 28, 2008 at 6:50 pm
It's soo true that happened to me too.
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