The start of something new.

June 16, 2008
By Lindsey Brewer, Sea Girt, NJ

The start of it all
It was the year of 2005; the year that things changed for me, the year that I started to love. Some may say at the end of this story that I was too “young” to know what love was at that age, for I was only 14 at the time. To me love doesn’t have an age requirement to have your first true love. To me it can happen at anytime in your live and when it happens you just know it. You just know it is there to stay for as long as you hold on to it and the memory will be there forever.

It was about a month after my 14 birthday, so somewhere in mid-April, I just broke up with a boyfriend that I really liked. My friend saw I wasn’t so happy so she forced me to get out of the house. Her and her mom picked me up one Saturday afternoon to go to the mall. Her mom dropped us off in front of Boscov’s and we made our way through the mall.
We just walked around for a bit. We wanted to go see a movie but we weren’t sure which one to see so we decided to get some food first from burger king. We got the usual, a cheeseburger with lettuce, a medium coke and fries. We walked back to the tables and picked one with no one around, we usually did that. We sat there and ate our food and she picked up her phone and called someone. I just continued to eat my food zoning in and out since she was on the phone.
She hung up the phone and she told me to follow her so I did. We went into the movie theater lobby area and sat on the benches. She told me to wait where I was and so I did. I sat down on the bench next to the video games and occupied myself by texting someone. She came back with two guys; One short, the other one tall. The shorter one sat next to me he was talking with my friend. Well my friend decided to disappear I think to the bathroom. The short kid introduced himself to me. He told me his name was Yaz. After he said that he introduced the tall one. His name was Chris. When I looked at him I got that spark instantly and we both had the same look on our face. It was the look that I knew would start it all.
A month went by and I got a weird IM, it was Chris. We started talking for a while getting to know almost everything about each other. We had our similarities and our differences. They leveled everything out in the relationship. It all led into being more than friends. We finally became boyfriend and girlfriend and I was never happy in my life before that day. I would try my hardest every weekend to get up to the mall to see him since he lived right around there. I would fight with my mom constantly over me always going up there and how she didn’t like it.
Everything grew in our relationship. Liking each other turned into loving each other and we were closer than anything. The feeling was magnificent and it lasted for the longest time.

The start of the fall

The relationship decided to take a turn. People were finding their way to tell me or I would just hear through the grape vine that he was apparently talking to other girls, in a way of trying to get with them, or that he cheated on me. At first I was like there is no way, I was in denial. I thought everything was perfect and that nothing like that could happen. Well it took a couple weeks for me to get skeptical about the whole thing, to open my eyes and realize that it could be happening. When I finally opened my eyes and realized, man did the trust go down and it sucked. I didn’t believe anything he said anymore because of the rumors. This was the start of the fall.
The fights that we would get into, because of the rumors, became unbearable after a while and so did the rumors; rumors of him cheating on me, him messing around with other girls. No matter how many times he proved them all wrong the fear got the best of me, the best of us.
One fight was major that stays in my head. It’s the worst memory I hold to my knowledge. It was about after the fourth rumor I heard. This one was that he was going out with three other girls besides me.
I decided to confront him, and man did that go wrong on me. A fight broke out over the phone, since he lived a good deal away from me. He lives near the woods and I could hear a weird ping in the background. It was him throwing empty bottles that he found on the ground against the trees and anything he could hit them against; he wasn’t so happy about anything. It got too loud at points and it hurt my ear. I wish I could remember the words that were thrown back and forth at each other. I only remember a couple that made it so horribly remembered. I was screaming at him to stop, to calm down (like screaming would help the situation) and that’s when I heard the words: “if you want me to stop then come and f***ing make me.”. That changed the whole situation. The anger in his voice, the fury I could hear from the bottles, it had the anger change to tears for me. Everything came crashing down.
The start of the so called end
The next day we ended for our first time and that is when the first heart break happened for me. I was torn apart. I felt like every stupid girl feels when they first fall in love. I felt like I lost my life, my world. It hurt so bad everyday not talking to him, not knowing how his day was or what he did. Everything started to fall apart.
After a while, unexpectedly, I got a text from him. Things started to pull together again. Our love was like lovely summer rain. It’s amazing and pure but after a while it goes away, only to return in the end.

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