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Why I draw

I don't just write. I am an artist. Honestly. Some people think that the term is for people who have become famous for their art, their music, their acting... But no, that's not it. An artist is anyone that is passionate about what they are doing. For me, it does happen to be in visual arts. I am a great sketch artist, and not half bad at painting. It isn't rude or selfish to say that I have talet.
The other day I was asked why I draw.
Now, I mulled it over a bit before answering.
I said "I draw for the little things. I draw to see the smiles on my little sisters face, or the sheen of joyful tears in my mothers eyes. I draw to hear a sick child laugh, and to feel the closeness of the hugs. I draw because I can. And because it would be horrible not to use what I was given, to waste a gift such as this. I draw for the little things."
In the end, I think they realized why I draw, in fact, The question they had asked was another part of why I draw. I draw because I'm an artist.

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