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The Mysteries Of Life For A Teenage Girl

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The are fine main mysteries of life for the average teenage girl. The first is boys. To start this mystery I am going to say that this one is probably the most difficult to define. Boys make life difficult and fun at the same time, and make life painful and pleasurable at the same time too.
The second mystery is make up. I personally don't see the point in it, but I see why some people use it. Make up hides what you are, and if you are not proud of who you are, make up is the thing for you.
The third mystery is parents. Why are they so hard on us, and why so strict? While the answer is a mystery to a lot of us, I believe I have obtained the answer. They care. They don't us to ruin our lives. They want us to learn from their mistakes.
Now, I may post more mysteries later, but for now I'm out. Comment and come up with your own mysteries for me to solve. Even guys!

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