Fire (Taking Since the Time of Cavemen)

December 28, 2011
By Mpbeanie GOLD, Middletown, New York
Mpbeanie GOLD, Middletown, New York
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The mere thought makes my blood run cold. Fire is a risky thing, dreadful, and strong. It possesses the power to take lives within minutes, destroy lives, and wound people forevermore.

It was about a year ago that such a thing took a life I once held dear and today it destroyed a home. It's surreal when it happens to one that you know, the whole world becoming all the more clear.

Who do you blame? The people who failed to insert fire alarms, the man who was doing drugs upstairs and soon left dozens of families homeless, God? Who's to blame?

Once it happens, it takes hours, even days, to come to the conclusion that such an event took place and there is just so much gone. The holidays to come will be unpleasant, the pleasant memories of the past blocked by the terrible experience.

I used to think that I was afraid of the normal things like mice and insects. When you look at the effects that the powerful substance that is fire can have, you can't help but wonder why you never added it to your lists of fears. It's because you find ways to avoid it. It's not until fire ruins a piece of your life and takes something away from you that you add it to the list.

Fires happen each and every day. They take more lives than we can count,leaving a trail of charred rubble behind, a mess in which families are left to pick up the pieces.

What protection do we have? That's just it. There is no sure fire way to avoid fires. You can try to prevent it, keep flammable items away from burning candles, and have smoke detectors in your home, but still you have no guaranteed protection.

Due to this fact I must now say, hold dear those you love and the items you possess. Whether it's fire or something more, you or another may not be able to escape its grasp. Lucky you are and you mustn't take your good fortune for granted. It could be today, tomorrow, or a day to come when you are stripped of what you once held dearest.

The author's comments:
I have had quite a few personal experiences with fire in the past years. A fire took the life of a family member of mine and now has left others without their possessions and Christmas loot. Now is when I have realized what can happen without your knowledge and even any thought. Who would've thought seems to be a currently popular saying. Who would've thought? It's just that, we wouldn't have...

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