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Best friends betrayl

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Ok so everyone knows that friends should never go out with exs right. Well apparently my ex-bestfriend didn't know that. She has gone out with two of my exs now and its has finally pushed me to my limit with her. When she went out with one of my exs the first time I didn't really care because I was over the guy. But this time she went out with my ex after him and I broke up only 2 days earlier. Talk about back stabbing. To make matters worse she's the reason my ex and I broke up, she messaged him on Facebook and told him I was cheating on him, and he believed her! Well funny thing is then she started cheating on him for real, and my friends and I all tried to tell him but he wouldn't believe us he thought we were playing games and trying to get payback. Well in the end he got hurt when he learned the truth, he should've believed us before he got hurt, well his fault. She is now no longer my bestfriend because I recently learned she is was only my friend to get the guys I would go out with. She was never my friend. Well if you are someone who has this problem guy or girl comment on this and we can talk.

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