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My Pet Peeve

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Almost all of us have siblings. Whether they be older or younger, step or half, nearly all of us have them in some way, shape or form. I have a little brother and it just so happens that a vast majority of my pet peeves revolve around him.
First and most annoying of them all is when I end up doing his chores. He'll be out of the house, at a soccer game or something, and Mom will say, "Can you cover for your brother this one time and unload the dishwasher?" She's not really asking me to, it's a command, so I do it with a little grumbling and he'll just owe me - big time.
Next in line is when he gets a song stuck in his head, and he sings it over, and over, and over again. And nine times out of ten it's one of those irritating Spongebob songs whose lyrics make you want to throw yourself off a cliff.
Lastly, but unfortunately not least, is who gets the remote when we watch TV. Because we DVR all of our shows, we have the ability to fast forward through commercials. Half the time when he's in charge of the remote, there will be no fast forwarding done what-so-ever because he'll just forget, and that bugs the crap out of me. The other half of the time he'll fast forward too far, skip into the show, and make us rewind and start all over again - which REALLY agitates me.
But, at the end of the day, when I push all of those little pet peeves aside (believe me, there's more), I kind of have to love the kid because he is and always will be my little brother.

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