What Does The Future Hold ?

December 15, 2010
By dani_peace GOLD, Henrietta, New York
dani_peace GOLD, Henrietta, New York
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"if seeing is believing then believe that we've lost our eyes"-manchester orchestra

She can feel the thoughts of what you're thinking radiating through her bones, your glares turn them into bread. There is a gaping hole throughout her soul, as she walks across the rugged terrain. The naive thoughts of others just pushes her towards her journey, this is what keeps her sane. She's gone to various locations, she has seen things that the eye couldn't bare to handle. Danielle has become a world known photojournalist for Time magazine, she's worked her way to the summit; and no one can take that away from her.

Ever since she discovered how to snap a photo she's always had a camera at her grasp, she perceives the world in a different perspective. There's more to a photograph than we consider, it captures more than just beauty, it's the beholder of radiance. Her soul has awakened at this moment, she evolves into a new human being once her camera is in her reach; it's a rare phase, but once you watch the action, you'll be caught up in the scenery of it all.

Danielle started interning for a local newspaper her freshman year of college, astonishingly once she graduated from RIT, she had gotten a phone call from the New York Times. She's been constantly checking her voicemail in hope of that she could accomplish what she thought was a fantasy, finally became a reality. New York City made her strive for more of her cravings, Danielle waited five years then eventually collected all of her work and sent it to Time Magazine. Her phone rung again, they asked her to intern in Africa with another photojournalist on children and teenagers living with HIV/Aids.

Danielle had met a young man named Bolo, she lived with him for approximately thirty days. She was in his shoes for those thirty days, from doctor to doctor there was pain and suffering in his soft brown eyes; then his masculine arms were put to use, right after six needles had been placed in his ashy skin. They walked between two villages to get twelve gallons of drinking water for three days, they made three trips in that single day. His parents died of HIV/Aids, Bolo cares for three siblings and his grandmother, which she is slowly dieing of the disease. She could sense that Bolo just wants to be just like the other village children and play soccer, he told her he wanted to play in the Olympics one day and use the money he made to help other children like himself with HIV/Aids. His story was just of the many children that were bone thin in Africa, it made her realize we all have to step in and change this epidemic. A week later she flew home for a few weeks after her visit in Africa, she suddenly found out Bolo has passed. The devastating story of this boy who wanted to do so much has ended. Bolo's dream lives on today, she promised herself that she will fill Bolo's shoes; she's helped out the children in Africa and has opened up a free health clinic in honor of Bolo.

The next issue came out, Bolo was on the cover; she'd discovered that she'd gotten the job, at this moment she knew that her life will change. What has happened in the past has brought her to conclusions starting out with today. Nothing will contain her soul, her soul is free beyond her own eyes, the world has been waiting for her feet to caress what is has to offer.

The author's comments:
it's kind of where I see myself in the next five years, I'm hoping to accomplish my goals

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