November 4, 2007
By Brittany Conder, Pueblo, CO

It amazes me how someone can just go from completely inspired to blah in no time flat. I entered a writing contest about how incredible my town is. I know i am not going to win because i was so cheesy "oh my town is soooooo perfect in everyway no one is ever ever mean to anybody, there isn't any violence at all." oh my gosh i wanted to hurl. I wonder why i wanted to sugar coat the whole thing, i mean I hate my town and how dull it is and how everything is just so...average. I don't think writing has to be about punctuation or grammar, well i guess to a certain extent because it has to be comprehendable, but other than that i think it should just be something people want to read. No one reads a Harry Potter book picking out punctuation flaws, they read it because it is enjoyable, and i know this is going to sound cliche but reading really does help you imagine visiting foreign countries and doing these spectacular things that these main characters do, that any average person would never even dream up. Most kids in my school dread the thought of getting a reading assignment in language but i actually look forward to it. It is crazy because i don't think i have ever read a book that i didn't like. Having a teacher assign a book to read is great because I might have never even thought twice about reading the book "Mice and Men" and it is great in fact it is my favorite. I am completely aware of the errors in my writing and i think for once I'll give my REAL writing a chance... instead of the normal fluff i have been sending. This, if anything, is more of a diary entry than a well thought out essay because it is basically just a reflection of my thoughts at this time. So basically this is just an experiment. Thank you for you time.

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thefirstday said...
on Jan. 17 2009 at 1:58 am
My english class have been told to read Of Mice And Men too, so thank you for the encouragement : D

The beginning was so hilarious. Loved it!


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