Making Mistakes

December 13, 2007
By Jacqueline Hedgecock, Nicholasville, KY

Have you ever made a mistake and then made a mistake again? I feel like I have bunches and bunches of times. So therefore, I believe that people do learn from their mistakes that they have made in life.
Best friend and ex-boyfriend hook ups are no fun. You seem to think everything between you, your best friend, and your ex-boyfriend is okay until you see them two hugging in the halls at school. It seemed to really bother me, just because I really liked this guy and thought that we would work, but the truth revealed. After I saw them together at school, I call him that night and talk to him and ask him if he likes her and of course, he says that they would never ever work out. So I blew it off and didn’t worry about it, until a few days later, I hear rumors that he is going to ask her out. This is my best friend and ex-boyfriend about to date, I was shocked. She knew that I liked him a lot, and after me and him broke up I was upset, of course. He and I promised each other that we were going to be really close friends and stuff, which we are now, and he told me that he didn’t like my best friend at that point. I didn’t talk to her for almost two weeks because all this was going on. It was nothing new to me because she has done this time and time again from the past years, so it wasn’t like I wasn’t used to it. For some reason I forgave and forgave more and more each time, and realized that I needed to stop giving in, and letting her take my boyfriends. It wasn’t the fact of me trying to take him in just for myself, but best friends just don’t date their ex-boyfriends. She seemed to not understand that at all, until I sat down and explained that to her. Anyways, the weeks pass and our friendship got worse and worse. They both realized how I felt and they decided to not date each other, which I was happy about. So pretty much, I have learned who my true friends are and who aren’t.
Be aware of who knows your secrets. I learn a whole lot from life and I realize that from just telling a little secret, to one person who I thought I could trust. Now I feel like that trust is broken, but it’s alright. When you promise someone that you can keep a secret, then keep it. Don’t go and tell someone that you can trust, because they go and tell someone that they can trust, and before you know it, it is around to everyone. I have been in this situation over and over it seems like, and it gets pretty old after a while. Along the way, I have found the friends who don’t break that promise, and I am happy that I have them. So there is this girl who was supposedly a good friend that wouldn’t repeat anything you tell her. Well the truth about that has now, also been revealed. There seems to be two different types of secrets, the ones that you tell and think if they get around to other people its okay, and then there is the type that you tell and don’t want to get around. Well luckily, I told the kind that I didn’t want to get out but wasn’t a big deal that it did. All it was about, was who I liked. This guy had a girlfriend, and I didn’t want them to break up because it would all appear to be my fault, just because of the rumors. Of course, I didn’t want his girlfriend to find out because I didn’t want her to hate me or anything, but she did find out. That was simply because of my “friend” that ran her mouth to everyone. That situation was about a year ago, so its all settled now, and there is no worries with that anymore. So always remember to find the friends that who will keep your secrets and not spread them around for everyone to know.
Ever lied to your parents to get to do what you wanted? Most kids have, including me. Most of the time I try to listen to what my parents have to say and do what they ask, but then sometimes I do what I want, regardless of what they say. It is known for me to go behind their backs too, but they always find out everything. My mom had trust in me a few years ago, but that was just because I had never gave her any reason to not trust me. So one night I went to a friends house and stayed the night. Well, that next morning we woke up and a few friends of ours wanted us to go to the mall with them. In order for me to be able to go, I had to call and ask my mom. So I did, and she said as long as there is an adult there with us. I knew that there wasn’t going to be any, but I really wanted to go, so I just told her that there would be. At the time, I felt like I was getting away with something for once. For about two weeks I did get away with it, until my mom finds out the truth. She was disappointed in me, and still is, even though this has been a few years ago. Here recently, I have lied to them about other things and they have found out about them too, and so now that I got in trouble again for lying, I realized that there is no need to lie because its makes everything worse. My mom is gaining my trust back, it just takes time.
After all this, hopefully you realize that I do believe that people know when they make mistakes and later on hopefully learn from it, and are even able to tell about it! I know for sure that I have learned many of lessons in my life, and that I am going to be sure to watch who and what I tell, because it will all come back to me one day.

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