China and Mesopotamia Comparison

June 3, 2010
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Today, I am going to compare and contrast 2 civilizations. One of them is the Chinese dynasties and the other is the Mesopotamia dynasties. They both conquered much land and was very powerful. Here is facts about both civilizations.

China began 4,000 years ago. They had the great thinker Confucius that lead to the state of mind Confucianism. The Chinese also founded the silk road. Mesopotamia was in present day Iraq. Each city had their own government called a city-state. They invented the wheel and early calendar.

Now here is the similarities between civilizations. They both started by a river. Also, they both had early writing. Finally, both civilizations made great inventions.

Both of the civilizations flourished for a long time. They had many great achievements and milestones. They towered above all the rest. With all this information I hope you see that they weren't just another barbarian village, they were a crown jewel achievement of a civilization.

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