Life as a Mouse Trap

September 24, 2007
By rebeca linhart, Congers, NY

Life as a Mouse Trap

I am a mouse trap. I live under the oven at Rebeca/Molly’s house. I was placed here with some disgusting peanut butter on me, just two minutes ago. I don’t know; I liked it where I was before, hanging in my little plastic bag at the store, all the people going by. It was fun. My favorite was when a child would go by and have a temper tantrum. Ah… those were the days. Now, I’m under this nasty oven which probably hasn’t been cleaned since they put it in, which was a really long time ago. It’s God awful down here. So, anyway, people in this house are really loud. They just put me down, and all went to the living room, and now they are yelling at each other. Not like an “in trouble” yelling, more like a playful yelling. I might actually like it here. Oh wait, they have a dog. It’s coming towards me. If it tries to lick off the peanut butter, I’m gonna snap at its nose. Oh, it just noticed me. It’s sniffing near me. Here comes the tongue... oh yeah, right in the nose!!! What a stupid mutt that thing is. Ha! Okay here comes Molly. She ran to the dog. Hehe, stupid dog deserved it. She’s looking at me now. God, that was fun, I wanna do that again. Maybe I’ll get a good shot at her tomorrow night...

I got moved to the counter! Thank God, it was gross under the oven.
Okay, it’s 4 o’clock and a little boy just walked in the door. It looks like he came from school, because he has his bag with him. He is sitting down now. Oh, wait, now he’s up, he’s making food above me. I think its Chef Boyardee something or other. Aisle 3, right across from me. Come to think of it, that boy did look familiar…
Okay, now it’s 5:30 and Molly just got home. Jeez, she’s loud, shouting and barking at the dog, who just so happens to be going nuts. Oh, here comes Diane, the mother. She’s louder than loud! I can’t believe it!! Hopefully things will quiet down…
Well, I was wrong. It’s louder than before, now. Wait a minute, here comes Ron, the man who put me down last night. I wonder what he’s doing? He’s talking about a rat. Okay Molly is screaming “don’t hurt it.” Now he’s looking at me. He’s walking over! What is he gonna do to me? He picked me up, and threw me in the garbage!? Well, where am I off to now?
I’m at the dump. That’s where I am. And, I don’t like it.

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