Poof......What went wrong??

March 14, 2010
By StankaBug PLATINUM, MccOmb, Mississippi
StankaBug PLATINUM, MccOmb, Mississippi
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"A man who can read and does not read good books is no different from a man who cannot read at all."

He was the boy who....
dried my tears fixed my broken heart took my mind off the other boy made me laugh listened to me intently knew my every thought knew my favorite things became my love backed me up made me feel safe made me feel loved changed my thoughts warmed my hert stole my love became my world was the first boy i ever wrote about put his name on my things told i love thought about 24/7

He was also the boy who.....
hurt me terribly made me cry demolished my heart badly damaged my emotions took my feelings & strewd them over took my love for granted...

I trusted him felt love was loyal

he hurt me more than anyone could & will ever hurt me tore my heart apart & made me cry

Worst part...i still love him!..
Which makes it hurt even worse...

The love the trust all gone....
just like that...POOF..what went wrong??

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