Plans for the DREAM act Soar

March 8, 2010
By KSG1993 SILVER, Ashburn, Virginia
KSG1993 SILVER, Ashburn, Virginia
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In 2009, Barack Obama was sworn into the presidency, promising America change. Pride swelled within the hearts of patriotic citizens as hope bloomed before them. With outstretched arms and open minds at hand, the national government strove to build a stronger country. Among President Obama’s plans of action is the DREAM act, a new policy on illegal immigration; one that can remind each citizen why America was dubbed the “melting pot”.
The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act was suggested by Senators Lugar and Durbin, and gives young immigrants the chance to obtain legal, permanent residence, with potential for a future.
A highlight in every student’s life is being accepted into college. Deciding which university to attend is an exciting milestone for students across the globe. However, thousands of undocumented alien children don’t have that opportunity. But under the DREAM act, immigrant minors would be able to become legal residents, and therefore apply to any college. In order to fall under the DREAM act, however, immigrants must use the opportunity to enroll in college, vocational school, or the military.
While immigration is considered to be a controversial subject, it should not be. America is known as “the melting pot” because it fosters a bit of every culture; it is a country which, during its prime years, had an almost entirely filled population of European immigrants. If this was the case, immigrants today should not be looked down upon. It is, after all, how the United States came to be. Nationalism is a little bit too 1940s to present an issue in present day politics, and society should know that condescension has never proven to be an effective solution. The issue resides in all shades of grey; it is hard to distinguish ethical from unethical, but hard facts and statistics are not the only factors. In this instance, empathy and compassion have to be applied. The issue is not whether every U.S. inhabitant should pay taxes; it is whether everyone deserves the chance to become a citizen; cutting someone a break is not always a copout or a shortcut. It is, considerably, the right thing to do.
“[The act] is really beneficial ,” said Junior Alex Webb. “And I think it’s a great idea because it lets alien minors have the same opportunities academically and otherwise. I don’t think cultural background or a parent’s decisions and actions should affect their child’s future; and if the DREAM act is successful, hopefully it will bar the unfortunate prejudice and inequality that has recently plagued our society.”
The fact is, illegal immigration is inevitable, it will always be present. Instead of taking a defensive approach and futilely discouraging illegal immigration, we should encourage those who are undocumented to become citizens, and grant the children of America a chance at a bright future. With or without residency, every child has the potential to change the world.

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