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“What if I don’t want to be yalls friend anymore”, said what once used to be my best friends. We stood angrily as we watched her look at us until we blew up at her…… This was 2 days after she stormed out of the hotel not telling us where she was going or what we did. I don’t care about her anymore. Is that wrong? Should I care? Be concerned? I’m not and none of my other friends in the circle of what used to be the 4 of us has now been narrowed down to 3 but I’m fine with it. In the locker room today we told her we wanted to talk but she didn’t even care what we had to say because she had brought the whole team into it when it was just between 4 of us. She made them all hate us and they followed without even hearing the other side. We went to her house to make amends but she said “That was really rude to come uninvited” in other words, Why should I waste my time. The sad thing is this all started at the beginning of last week because 2 of us hung out to much but we really didn’t. When we asked the one who doesn’t want to be friends anymore “hey you want to go somewhere” she says I don’t have money we say “we got it covered” and then we get hated for it. That’s sooooo sad that she would stoop that low to start a rumor that we said someone was bi when it was really her who started it. I don’t think it was worth it to be her friend. All the money adds up in the end and you think what the hell was I thinking? Why spend on someone? But you think she’s my friend and I don’t mind but when she stabs you in the back what do you do? I guess I will learn to choose my friends carefully, but what she put the three if us through only made us stronger and her weaker. So people on the team found out that there was a different story and some are friends with us now and just forget about it. One day I hope she asks for something because I’m just going to sit back and watch her lay in her bed of lies she made for herself when she started this. Sorry, but I can’t wait to see her fall on her A**!!!

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MoVizi said...
Oct. 26, 2009 at 5:34 pm
Tell me what you think please
MoVizi said...
Oct. 14, 2009 at 5:40 pm
Hey its morgan comment on this tell me what you think
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