Have you ever been labeled? Labeled for life? By someone you hate or strongly dislike? Ya that’s the real world and we need to get used to it because it happens every day to everybody someone around you makes a comment it can be a nice one or it can be rude you never know. It can be because you are white, black, Japanese, Indian, and Chinese No matter what and you still get labeled all the time. In high school girls are the worst of all they label each other all the time the second they see you. You are either a jock, prep, Goth, emo, gansta, nerd, gay, bi, or a lesbian oh and don’t forget they could just give you grace and call you a hor for no reason but there might be a reason in some cases. If you are the first one in your group of friends to have sex the second you do your automatically a hor to them no matter what because they haven’t done it and they may think its wrong even if you are in college. So that’s one Label another is if you are really smart you are automatically a goody good it doesn’t matter you get it from the kids who screw around in class known as the people who just don’t care. Just because you get straight A’s people label you for it so you are either a nerd or a prep that is if you wear designer stuff. If you work out girl or boy you are a jock just about that’s what everyone calls people that do. If you wear all black skinny jeans and never talk people eat you alive because of it and call you a goth or emo. When anyone wears something wrong that someone doest like you get judged and if it is that embarrassing you get it for days, weeks, years, and maybe life because that’s what they remember you by. You never know what they say about you all the groups talk about each other it doesn’t matter what its about. When you walk by a group of people and it gets really loud between the group after you walk by they just labeled you its ok the positive thing is you can be the label they give you or you can do better and be the one doing surgery on them or be the one that lets them tell there feelings to you or be the one that gets them off whatever drugs they are on. The labelers will be the ones that will be in trouble and then the people that were labeled will have to help the losers that labeled.

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