How Has Love Affected Me?

June 3, 2009
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Time and time again, I ask myself "How can I be so naive to believe that every guy that I fall for will treat me right?" I know that all men aren't the same but, it just seems that way because, I always end up with the ones who are unappreciative of me. No matter how hard I fight, no matter how hard I try, it still remains the same that I have yet to find Mr. Right. I need love, just like any other human being; Somehow, fate never lets love happens to me. As I try to move forward with my life, the road gets longer and harder for me. I try not to let my past get the best of me; It's just so difficult to not be able to bring up the simple fact that nobody wants to do right by me......Nobody that I've been with anyway. I know that life is about forgiving and forgetting but, how can I when my heart has been stepped on and mangled so many times? I've come to the point of giving up so many times, all because I couldn't continue to withstand the mental abuse that I felt over a certain period of time. Now, it all boils down to this one conclusion: NEVER GIVE UP ON LIFE BUT AT THE SAME TIME, DON'T BE SO QUICK TO FALL IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE WHOM YOUR NOT EVEN SURE WILL LOVE YOU BACK.

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