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The Roof

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I walked out of my house and looked around. My 10 year old sister was sitting on our garage roof staring into the trees. My mp3 player was playing a sweet song as I climbed the tree.
Thank you for being/ Such a friend to me
“Do you see them?” She asked still staring up. I layed down next to her.
“See what?”
And have I ever told you how much you mean to me?/ Oh you mean so much to me
My sister began pointing. “Sometimes,” She whispered, “When I’m up here alone it turns into a rainforest. See the tropical flowers?” She pointed to a far off bunch of leaves. “And the sloths over there.” I looked over at a branch and could imagine a slow sloth sleeping.
I’m gazing at eternity/ I am floating in serenity
“The monkeys are my favorite. See them swinging from vine to vine?”My sister sounded like a young poet. Wise beyond her years. She was making me belive that they were there.
She looked down at me and smiled. “You see them to don’t you?” I nodded.
And I am so lost for words/ And I am so overwhelmed
“Your never to old.” She whispered. I smiled and nodded. Please don’t go just yet/ Can we stay a moment please
My sisters eyes were dancing around the treetops as she watched her monkeys, sloths,and flowers. I smiled as the song came to it’s final verses.
Under the stars tonight/
We’ll live and breathe this dream

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