May 19, 2009
By MARIA7X GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
MARIA7X GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Everyone in my family enjoys music. My father enjoys music with sounds like you are suddenly standing in a wide, green field. A reminder of his Irish heritage. And my mom, she enjoys music with pleasant, uplifting piano melodies. Inspiring her by memories of rainy days, rainy days that prevent her from seeing the warm spring days. Charlie likes the growling guitars and booming drums, almost like thunder entering our home.

But my music, my music has no boundaries, no limitation, no definition and no end. Haunting hums and harmonies take up the majority of my day. Like a dream, swooping in to complete the day with peaceful sounds and unforgettable lyrics, becoming your protector from the outside world. It comes in to inspire me to write, to create, to build. And even though my music has no definition, my music has found its way to define me.

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