Technology in the Classroom

May 11, 2009
By emmaclaire SILVER, Mission Hills, Kansas
emmaclaire SILVER, Mission Hills, Kansas
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To start, many schools have fairly modern technology, but it can be better. If students and teachers have more futuristic technology, learning in the classroom might meliorate. For one, higher technology keeps students interested, and therefore, students pay attention in class. As a result of this, young scholars get better grades. If the technology is upgraded in schools all across the nation, it will increase the educational status of the United States, too. Things that can be installed in classrooms might include touch-screen white boards, Fly Pens, and possibly even personal Smartboards as desks for the students

Specifically, the touch-screen white boards are connected to the computer. This way, teachers can pull up a website, document, or other computer setting for teaching purposes. For example, because it has a touch-screen, teachers can circle and highlight main points of the lesson. The white board can also be used like a normal white board, but there is no need to waste money on malodorous dry erase markers. The teacher can just write with their finger, or if they prefer, they can have a pen. Also, because it is connected to the computer, teachers do not require an overhead projector. All of the average classroom technology would be combined into one piece of technology.
In addition, each individual student might have a personal Smartboard as their desk. This can be removed and taken to the next class and taken home. With personal Smartboards, trees are saved because there is no necessity of paper. Plus, the teacher can have ultimate control of the Smartboards when they are in the classroom so that the students are sure to be participating in the lesson. Students can also complete their assignments on these at home and immediately send them to their teacher for efficiency in making sure that all assignments get turned in. These also, would have internet access like the white boards. Thus, increasing the educational status of America in comparison to other countries, just like the white boards.

Last, Fly Pens are beneficial to students, too, especially in math classes. With Fly Pens, the teacher can coach the entire class in the lesson, but if a particular student does not understand, a Fly Pen takes the student through the math process they are doing step-by-step. This also helps math teachers because they can be assured that if a student is not comprehending, they have another way of learning the lesson without having to stay after class for who knows how long relearning the lesson. Overall, Fly Pens are most of assistance in math classes, but in other subjects, too, such as History, Foreign Languages, Science, and English, largely because it also contains a dictionary.

In conclusion, touch-screen whiteboards are beneficial because teachers can do anything on them that they can do on a computer and they can be used as normal white boards without the need for dry erase markers. Smartboards as removable desks would save paper and make assignment turn-in additionally efficient. They too, would have
web access. Fly Pens can aid in the teaching of math and other classes, including History, Foreign Languages, Science, and English, mainly because it has a dictionary. All of these bits of technology will improve education.

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on May. 30 2009 at 6:57 am
emmaclaire SILVER, Mission Hills, Kansas
6 articles 0 photos 6 comments
actually nevermind I thought I was typing that into comments about my writing about the death penalty...

on May. 30 2009 at 6:55 am
emmaclaire SILVER, Mission Hills, Kansas
6 articles 0 photos 6 comments
Can I please get some comments on this? I figured it would be a controversial subject so...

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