Fermi Paradox

January 10, 2018
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An infinite amount of space. Just picture that in your mind. The more you think about spaces limits melting away, the idea of having cosmic company seems more and more believable. But it seems as if we've been searching the sky for aliens as long as humankind can remember, from scientists meticulously studying the mysteries of the universe to common people holding up a telescope. Why haven't we seen them? Why haven't they seen us?

Enrico Fermi was an icon of physics, his theory may provide an answer. By the time life-forms have the technology to venture that far into space, they would have already killed themselves.

It would take an extensive amount of time to acquire technology that advanced. They would have exceptional knowledge surrounding things humans can't even begin to grasp. By the time aliens could develop that kind of equipment they would undoubtedly already have lethal weapons. (Perhaps it would be some variation of nuclear bombs) Are life-forms really capable of having such danger in their possession without self-destructing?

With the many dangers of today, we may never live long enough to discover if Fermi was right. In some twisted way, this may prove his theory.

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