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The Twenties

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Considered to be an era of Change and prosperity was just cultivating the minds of these newly inventors. Creations were the new craze as it constantly came to be. The American cultures was coming out of the darkness in a profound way by the introduction of Jazz, radio, and many forms of entertainment we Americans use for pleasure. It lasted for a long period of time which still remains strongly preeminent as an American ideology. Then, it set the stage for many of our current situations which ultimately had prominent values or concerns with popular attitudes all around.

This era is known to be a contribution to our modern tributes. Other alternative inventions were borrowed and used by a single American enterprise. Businesses had productivity level reaching the max as these freshly prepared items flocked the homes of thousands of Americans. In return, values that were greatly treasured became a common denominator of American history. It focused its qualities of making the lives of American individuals more lenient and effective when it comes to common household conditions.

An age that brought writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald with their marvelous book which depicts the life of an American dream. Women felt as if they were liberated but with some few drawbacks along the way. Expectations were high and prominent with the fact that women had a process in which they're entitled to be a part of. In order to reach an American lifestyle the average citizens would at one point in their lives go through debt. By the end of the twentieth century came the Great Depression with the so called American dream spiraling down.
Affluential individual flourished with the amount of money one may own. Once again, women had their own entitlement to their own lives which included a change in the way they live their daily commute. As filmmaking became a new phenomenon that came out from the streets of Hollywood, it managed to attract more individuals than ever expected. Those of affluent found their way of pursuance through control of banking power.

This period of American innovation and tranquility has been a long way through massive success. It’ not to say that it didn't have its gripes and unfair quantities of African American prejudice and discrimination. But, that's not what the American dream ought to be or dictate in many American lives at the time. It has factors that must be dealt which rationally as depicted in the Great Gatsby.

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