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The Education Status in America

America is going through a major education crisis. Most people do not realize the importance of education, but not only does this crisis affect America’s economy but the individuals from becoming successful.

According to the BBC news 37% of America’s 2008 university students actual graduated. With the OECD average being 38% we are below average which is a great embarrassment to this country. Delaware has the highest of college graduates in the U.S.A with 70.8% graduating in six years and 54.8% graduating in four years, Alaska however has the lowest with 26.6% graduating in six years and 8.2% graduating in four years. 1/3 of high school students leave without a diploma. An article from Frontline stated that approximately 1.3 million high school student’s dropout in America. Compared with the rest of the world Finland and Iceland have the highest graduating rates, which is another shameful fact for the United States. Diane Ravitch, author of the book The Death & Life of the Great American School System, believes that one of the factors for our horrible public schools system is the NCLB or No Child Left Behind act. The NCLB narrows the curriculum to reading, math, and sometimes science, because those are the subjects that are mainly tested on. Some classrooms may not even open their history or science books for the whole school year.

One big indication that Americans needs to invest in education is the H-1B visa, it allows foreign workers to temporarily work in places were a degree is required. As an example, a foreigner with a degree in engineering will operate a machine in a car factory because we don’t have enough Americans educated enough to perform the job. But we still get infuriated when we hear that illegal immigrants are taking jobs that belong to hard working Americans, even though they are taking jobs that nobody wants.

The teachers union is another cause for our problem. They protect appalling teachers by letting them get ‘paid leave’ which allows them to not do anything but still get paid.
With the public schools being so ghastly some have to turn to home schooling, which is highly criticized even though those students tend to be more intelligent. Some countries, like Germany, forbid home schooling and try everything they can to eliminate it, despite the fact that Germany has about 26% of its students graduating from a university. The wealthy send their children to private schools and would never consider sending them to public school.

If we raised the high school and college graduation rates for Hispanics, African Americans, and Native Americans up to the rate of Caucasians, then America would make $310 billion dollars. Education will keep America strong but we are dwindling our chances of making this country honorable by demolishing our school system.

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Jul. 2, 2014 at 9:09 pm
This is great! Very well written, and persausive in some instances. I could tell you did a lot of research to create the best essay you could, and I appreciate that fact. Keep it up!    o^_^o
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