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February 21, 2012
If art is defined, as is supported by the World English Dictionary, as “the creation of works of beauty or other special significance”, then it can be supposed that something is only considered art if it has a creator. Assuming this, and assuming that nature is art, it can be inferred that nature was created by someone or something. The World English Dictionary also defines art as “imaginative skill as applied to representations of the natural world or figments of the imagination”; this proposes the idea that nature was created by someone with superior imagination and inventive skills. Being around nature can infuse someone’s soul, mind, and heart with this creative flush, in turn increasing their appreciation of mystically created art, which cannot be created or recreated by the human capacity. People are drawn to nature because it is so different from them and from the materialistic world they have come from. Though humankind is familiar with art, it only truly understands art that is within a level that it can be created by the hands or through the mind of man. Natural art is a mystery to humans, and so its inventor is also.

Sitting under a tree in a natural environment can open doors to revelations about art and the way it can be conceived as opposed to how it generally has been in the past. As new revelations can be made, new opinions can also be formed. These opinions can be conceptions of beauty, value, taste, style, or other aspects of the human scale of art. Natural art defies what the preconceived notion of what art truly is; generally, art is dependent on the person who designed it, and would not have anything to say if the artist had not permeated it with his ideals, emotions, and outlook. As art is a reflection, or rather a spokesperson, of the emotion of the artist, nature can be viewed as a prophet for its creator. The intrinsic beauty of nature can only replicate the beauty of the soul of its maker.
Sitting under a tree on my parents’ property, I realized that just like every other piece of art on earth, each tree is a unique sculpture. My tree is a birch tree, with a soft white trunk, laden with misshapen gray spots throughout. The spots perhaps appear as mistakes, blemishes upon the otherwise flawless ivory bark, but I know better. The blotches are part of the tree’s design; the artist intended each one to look exactly as it does. The leaves upon the tree’s dainty branches are light and feathery, unmatched in gentility and individuality. Each leaf speaks for itself and for its home, saying that they make appear breakable, even tarnished by wind and rain, yet they are strong and durable. This tree has stood in its place for years, and it shall not take refuge elsewhere, despite the elements that beat at its limbs and tear at its torso. Its age is merely inferable, at perchance thirty or fewer years. It does not have a grasp of reality as I do; it does not realize that each day it lives, it dies. And yet, maybe it is aware of this, maybe it is as aware of its limitations as I am; we are both hindered by the same burdens, the same obstacles, both restricted by our natures. But then again, it may be as unaware of my potential as I am of its. My tree has the potential to achieve its purpose in life, just as I do; though I am unable to communicate with this piece of art, I feel that its artist needs me to understand this purpose. Is that not the intent of every creator; to have its work’s potential realized?
Many a man has sat beneath this tree and more, perchance pondering as I have, about its purpose, its meaning, its unavoidable beauty and victorious strength. Maybe these thoughts have been voiced before, and maybe others have realized just how special nature’s aesthetic value is. I hope I am not the only one to have connected with a world parallel to mine; I hope that others may experience a connection as strong and pure and consummate. Passion is an emotion that consumes the heart and the soul; passion is limitless and cannot be held by the boundaries of man or of nature. Passion and appreciation transcends such boundaries and allows for indefinite connections between the extrinsic and the innate.

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