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Black Holes

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Ok, I have just started my physics essay; but first, let us think about the true priority of homework. Here is what I think, Teachers give homework because they are just too lazy to learn by Themselves, by using their own methods of learning,( They think that just because they went to college, and have overcome all the obstacles, they are free to do as they wish and be as lazy as they want.) Ok I understand that when I am a physics, or biology teacher, or even a psychology teacher. I would look upon this method as a great and amazing way to learn. So anyway, they give us Homework, such as this essay; enable to learn about about black holes because they do not know anything about black holes. (This is the same for all teachers.)

They take the best essay, type it up, and then claim it as there's. Therefore, after the teachers have finished reading the profusion of essays, they have gained the knowledge they envy so greatly; this proves that teachers are there to learn from student, not vise versa. The next year, they pass on that knolodge to the next bunch of students, and have the students teach them about some other subject such as supernovas, or Seismic Waves such as love waves or P Waves (the fastest waves) and S Waves (the second to P waves.)

I only have one question, how in the world do you manage to read all those long, knowledgeable essays? Do you never get tired of the redundancy of this method? Teachers! You are smart enough to do your work! There is a reason for your journey through college.

Black holes are great, strong, massive, points in space. So strong, and so powerful, anything that goes in never comes out. And only a small amount of matter is lucky enough to escape. Our black hole can be known and reffered to as the monster of the milkyway. Monster of the milky way is not the only phrase availible. Black holes, regardless of where they are located can be referred to as, “the point of infinite density", or, “sphere of no return a black hole is three million times more massive than the sun. Black holes are massive deadly creatures. They are formidable. Black holes are formed when super novas occur.they are bigger and stronger and bigger than scientist imagined.

Scientists believe that the pullof gravity in a black hole can deatomize matter. Deatomizing is the processes in which matter is ripped apart to the point where it no longer exists. Amazing, is it not? I just cannot wrap around brain how something so peculiar, something of such Infinite density can possibly exist within the realams of reality. Do stars truly orbit around this massive ambiguis hurricane. As we all know black holes are located in the center of galexies, and can awake at any moment and goble up as much matter as they possible can at breakneak speed. A black hole is millions of miles wide.

The formation of a black hole can be reffered to as the death row of enormous, massive Stars. When they burnout (supernova) and explode a nutron is left behind, if gravitational pressure crush's the nutron, the force is so great that a black hole will form. Satellites are constantly on the lookout for supernovas. Supernovas are, exploding stars at the edge of death. When a large star explodes, enough matter can collapse into its core, so that the star literally exits the known universe. I a black hole you. Will find. The event. Horizon. The deadliest part of a black hole. If you. Reach it, be sure you will not under any circumstances survive. The event horizon is the point of no return, the point where nothing And I mean nothing, can possibly escape. Inside the horizon, great amounts of light and energy are stored.

Black holes emit absolutely no light at all leaving us blind to its view. A black hole can be known as a region where space and time have closed in on itself. Sub-atomic particles make up a black hole. Another thing we should know about a black hole is that when matter comes out, it comes out because of a wormhole. Wormholes do not exist in black holes for time travel as they claim in the movies, but for matter and energy to be, blown out of the black hole, because a black hole cannot be overfed, as one may say.

Instead of going straight down, Matter, Light, and Energy spiral into a black hole. As I stated in the previous paragraph a black hole cannot store all that matter and energy inside itself. Therefore, instead of keeping all that matter and energy inside itself, it blows some of that matter and energy out. This can be summarized as, “the more matter in the more matter out). The force I so powerful, it can even cause large “cavities” in galaxies, blowing away the dust and revealing them to the naked eye. Black holes are a danger to the growth spurt of galaxies, for example, they can sterilize the stars, or eat up some of its matter and deatomize its mass. Long ago, the hypothesis that black holes even existed was not accepted. This is one of the reasons Eric Becklen tried so hard to discover evidence of the existence of black holes. Decades later the evidence needed emerged.

We will discuss the evidence in a short while. The pictures that had been taken of the center of galaxies were distorted by the atmosphere, so unreadable that you could not see the profusion of stars in the center of the galaxy, however, the center of galaxies are bright and easily spotted because of the clusters of stars in the center, regardless of the distortion of the images. The distortion issue taken care of and the problem solved when Eric Becklen bought an inferred detector and connected it to a relatively small telescope. For the first time, Eric Becklen saw through the cloudy atmosphere, and spotted the center of our galaxy. Knowing that he was the first to see through the mist, the first to see the center of the Milky Way, I would say he was quite excited.

Albert Einstein believed that space and time were not separate terms, but are woven together. He believed that matter works space-time. In addition, space warps on matter. This hypothesis’s is even more peculiar than the idea that space is falling into a black hole. The evidence of Black holes emerged recently. Scientists discovered that stars are moving around an invisible object! This was key evidence because all scientists knew for fact, mass could only orbit under one condition, this is, an object can only orbit if, there is a massive object located in the center of its orbit. This leaves us no choice but to assume that these stars are orbiting around the deadliest object in the universe, an invisible object so massive and formidable, space in space, an object so unfathomable it can only exist in ones imagination, a black hole.

Stars are orbiting black holes at breakneck speed, and as we speak, they are accelerating to phenomenal speeds. Ok, enough with all the galaxies, it is time for us to present our galaxy, the Milky Way. The Milky Way was formed by a swarm of smaller galaxies merging to form a bigger galaxy. In this process the bigger galaxies dominate. When small galaxies bump into each othern it will not be just a bumb and go, in fact it is more relavent than that. The galaxies merge, not really destroying the the minor one, but teaming up with It. Normally the minor galaxy ends up in a. State of retirment. But what do you think happens to the blackhole? Does it vanish,? No! They also team up together and merge over time, when they are merged completly, then they focus on there main priority, and that is to reak havoc apon the universe. So basically big galaxies get bigger and small ones become no one's and black holes get bigger to.

At this moment the Milky Way’s black hole is in retirement and is swallowing no more than small morsels of matter, in other words, it has a relatively small diet. Only small amounts. Of gas feed our black hole. In million years, the milky ways black hole will begin to feed, but that is nothing compared to the faite that awaitd us. Galacti canabalism is what will cause our downfall. In other words, a more massive and more powerful galaxy will devour us, the name of our adversary is andromadone. Soon our black hole will eventually merge with another more massive black hole.

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