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Poet, Memoir, Fiction Quiz

When we're just starting out down the writing path, we often don't know exactly what kind of story we want to tell. We start by looking at the books we love, and we tend to imitate those, but then we reach out and try other forms, learning to spread our wings a little. Sometimes, though, we're left looking at a fork in the road -- are we prose writers or poets? And within that, do we write fiction or nonfiction? If you're agonizing about whether you sing in poetry or prose, then fear not: we at Teen Ink have you covered. Try thinking hard about these questions to see what your true writing identity is! (Read more »)

Explore the World of Science and Medicine

It's only April, but chances are you're already thinking about summer break. This year, join us for an exciting and hands-on summer experience at Georgetown University. Our Summer High School Medical Programs give you the opportunity to live on campus, meet classmates from around the world, and explore topics like forensic science, infectious diseases, and human anatomy. Learn more and start planning your summer today.

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