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Anonymity Will Take Over the World

You're on YikYak, right? It seems like everybody is on either this or Snapchat or both. On these trendy new services, people can send brief, anonymous missives to the larger world. It's like Twitter, but safer and more fun, because it doesn't have to be tightly associated with you, and it doesn't last forever. We're always warned that what goes on the internet is there forever, but that's not always true. (Read more »)

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Georgetown's Summer Medical Programs for High School Students offer a unique opportunity to explore the fields of science and medicine. Through a combination of hands-on activities, discussions, lab work, and interactive demonstrations, these enriching programs provide a snapshot of the medical school curriculum and educate students about important issues and breakthroughs in science and medicine.

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Take it from Sean, who went from iD Tech camper to Apple intern: "iD Tech Camps helped me get to the next level by guiding my exploration of technology and exposing me to specific programs like Photoshop and Autodesk Maya."

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