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How to Make Your Story Roar

As a creative writing teacher, I see a lot of beginner stories cross my desk that have very similar problems. One of the most common problems stories have is that they don't go far enough; they aren't bold enough; the writers simply aren't being brave. It's understandable, of course; writing is scary stuff. It's difficult to put all your deepest emotions and most deep-seated fears on the page. But if you don't invest anything of yourself in the story you write, you'll end up with a story that is cowardly. Here are the most common ways that beginner stories run and hide in a corner, and here's how to make them brave. (Read more »)

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Call for Submissions: Travel & Culture Articles

Hiking in Yosemite ... strolling through Paris ... celebrating Chinese New Year - describe your latest cultural adventures at home or abroad. Are you a magnificent melange of multiple cultures? Write an essay about it and submit it to the Travel & Culture section and you may be published in the print magazine.

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