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Treat a Chapter Like a Story

This week we're continuing our discussion of how to incorporate Big Ideas into your fiction. How do we wrestle with the large, consequential ideas that often define our favorite fiction? We spend a lot of time focusing on the micro level of things, as well we should - our sentences should be beautiful, our word choice precise. But there should also be room for an exploration of the ideas that define our lives and make us think. (Read more »)

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John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest for High School Students

It takes courage to stand up for your beliefs. Some elected officials risk their careers to do right by their community and country. In Profiles in Courage, John F. Kennedy described eight U.S. elected officials who demonstrated political courage. Here's your chance to write a new profile in courage. Write a 1,000 word essay on an act of political courage by a U.S. elected official who served during or after 1956. First-place winner receives $10,000.

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