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Are You a Slave to Fashion?

Do you worry about how "with it" your writing is? Have you chosen a plot twist or a character type purely because that character or plot is particularly hot right now? At some point we all become influenced by fashion and by trends in our particularly corner of fashion, the writing world. Whether we admit or not, the type of writing we do, and even the messages we choose to send, have been influenced by what is "of the moment" in contemporary writing. There are good things about being a slave to fashion, and there are bad things; and I'm writing today to separate out the good from the bad. (Read more »)

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Teen Ink's Videos to End Bullying

This September we are releasing our latest book, "Bullying Under Attack - True Stories Written by Teen Victims, Bullies and Bystanders" and we want to do all we can to reach out to everyone who sent us their story. While we could not publish all the stories in the book, we really want to post your story online in video format so you can tell the world what you have experienced. We hope you will join us now and help make a difference.

Please send us a video testimonial about your bullying experience. You don't have to do anything fancy, just record your story, standing or sitting, and keep it to under 5 minutes, if possible. We think our national anti-bullying video campaign might prevent abuse, humiliation and maybe even save some lives.

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