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Make It Look Easy

This summer, I had the pleasure of seeing a performance of the classic ballet "Swan Lake" at Lincoln Center in New York City. My favorite part of the ballet is always the music; as someone who struggles to understand physical art like dance, I'm much more able to "get into" the musical artistic space. And what a space! But the ballet, too, was astoundingly beautiful. The more I see ballet, the more I'm struck that this art form seems to be based on the idea of Making It Look Easy. (Read more »)

Summer Program Guide

Check out Teen Ink's Summer Program Guide for the best programs around.

If you attended a program in the past few years, send Teen Ink a review and share your experiences.

Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Walnut Hill School for the Arts, located in Natick, Massachusetts, offers internationally-renowned summer programs for young adults who are passionate about their art. The three-week Creative Writing program is an exciting laboratory of ideas, inspiring writers to experiment with language and discover new possibilities for their writing. Walnut Hill's Summer Theater intensive develops theatrical knowledge through performance and classroom work for further study in school and college. The program consists of six productions in five weeks: four plays and two musicals. For more information on summer at Walnut Hill, visit WHsummer.walnuthillarts.org

Summer Programs for High School Students
at Georgetown University

Are you considering a career in medicine? Spend your summer at Georgetown University. Our summer programs are the perfect way for high school students to experience the traditional disciplines of medicine and hear timely presentations on a variety of current topics and medical breakthroughs. The curriculum, designed by the world-renowned Georgetown University Medical Center, engages students in a variety of hands-on activities and demonstrations, laboratory work and lectures lead by our faculty. Visit our website to start an online application.

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