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I Hate It - But I Wrote It

Do you ever get that feeling come over you while you're writing something - that sinking, nauseous feeling that what you're writing is absolute bunk? You know what I'm talking about - the feeling that makes you cringe even as you finish typing out that hackneyed sentence, the revulsion as you complete that tired and predictable scene. Sometimes, we sensitive writer types can get overcome by self-loathing as we write. It's so difficult to create fresh, sparkling work, and anything less than that seems depressing. (Read more »)

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Write for Fright

"I never make my villains glamorous," says author Dean Koontz. In this video, Koontz and suspense/mystery authors Caroline B. Cooney and Patricia Reilly Giff discuss how they "Write for Fright." Whether it's Giff's ability to get readers to turn one more page, or Cooney's self-described "twisted mind" you'll find out how these masters of suspense, horror, and mystery write their chilling stories. From Open Road Integrated Media.

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