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Back Away at the End

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I believe we read to experience stories. It's a very deep-seated urge, to see the experiences of other human beings playing out before our eyes. What we don't go to fiction for is analysis. I doubt you can find anyone who says he loves reading a good fiction story for its careful analysis of something. (Read more »)

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Write for Fright

"I never make my villains glamorous," says author Dean Koontz. In this video, Koontz and suspense/mystery authors Caroline B. Cooney and Patricia Reilly Giff discuss how they "Write for Fright." Whether it's Giff's ability to get readers to turn one more page, or Cooney's self-described "twisted mind" you'll find out how these masters of suspense, horror, and mystery write their chilling stories. From Open Road Integrated Media.

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