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Set a Story Across Your Street

The neighborhood in which you live can be a wonderful story resource. While in the middle of writing, I'll often pause to look out my window at the row of apartments across my street. When I saw a curtain move in the window, I was instantly riveted, curious about who lived over there, what they were doing, and what their lives were like. Did they, too, look out of their windows, spying (benignly) on their neighbors? (Read more »)

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Black Elephants by Karol Nielsen

"In a world that continues to bleed from the wounds of intolerance, here comes a love story with the power to heal." - Michael Soussan, author of Backstabbing for Beginners: My Crash Course in International Diplomacy, Wall Street Journal standout selection

"Reading Karol Nielsen's words is like talking to a friend, a very well-traveled, generous- hearted and deeply reflective friend." - Anna Kushner, translator of Guillermo Rosales's The Halfway House, Goncalo M. Tavares's Jerusalem, and other works

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